Your question: How do I make comments visible on WordPress?

How do I show comments on a WordPress page?

Turning on Comments from the Posts or Pages Screen #

In the list of pages or posts, find the one you want and hover your cursor over the title of the post. You will see several links appear underneath the title. Click “Quick Edit” and check “Allow Comments.” Click “Update” to turn comments on for that post.

Why are my comments not showing on WordPress?

In your dashboard, navigate to Settings → Discussion to open the Discussion Settings page. On the Discussion Settings page, make sure the setting is enabled to allow comments on your site. This setting is located in the Default post settings section, next to “Allow people to submit comments on new posts”.

How do I change Comment settings in WordPress?

Change comment approval settings in WordPress

  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Go to Settings > Discussion.
  3. Locate the Before a comment appears section.
  4. Check or uncheck the box next to the lines: …
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save Changes.
  6. Try to comment without being signed in, to see if the settings have changed.
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How do I enable comments on my blog?

Manage your comments

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the top left, select a blog.
  3. From the menu on the left, click Settings.
  4. Under “Comments,” adjust your comment settings: Comment location: To allow responses to your post’s comments, select Embedded. …
  5. Click Save.

How do I show comments on the sidebar?

Simply go to Appearance » Widgets and then click the plus + icon at the top of the screen to add a new widget. You need to search for ‘comments’ and then drag the ‘Latest Comments’ block to your sidebar.

How do I add a comment widget in WordPress?

How to Add the Recent Comments Widget

  1. In your dashboard, click on Appearance → Customize → Widgets.
  2. Choose the location where you’d like to place the widget on your site. …
  3. Click either of the + block inserter buttons (see right) to see a list of all the available blocks and widgets.

Why are my comments not showing?

Internet Connection. Resheshing your internet connection is one of the most common solutions to most of the problems and issues on any website application. It will help if you start by checking your internet connection to resolve the issue of YouTube comments not showing.

Why can’t I see comments on a blog?

Comments are disabled on your blog

You should check the settings under the Settings > Posts, comments and sharing section of your Blogger dashboard. You should select “Embedded” from the options, as shown below: We have also highlighted some extra options which you may wish to consider enabling to stop spam comments.

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How do I edit a comment template in WordPress?

Enable paged comments within WordPress by going to Settings > Discussion , and checking the box “Break comments into pages” . You can enter any number for the “top level comments per page”. Open your comments. php template file and add the following line where you want the comment pagination to appear.

How do I automatically approve comments in WordPress?


  1. Open Comments -> Auto Approve Comments.
  2. Go to Settings -> Discussion and check “Comment must be manually approved”
  3. Optionally install and activate Akismet (comments flagged as SPAM will never get auto approved)
  4. Configure your auto approval filters in “Commenters”, “Users” and “Roles”
  5. Save and you’re done.

How do I style comments in WordPress?

Styling Comment Reply Link in WordPress Comments

To enable threaded comments, go to your WordPress admin (Settings » Discussion). Look at the section where it says other comment settings, and check the box for enable threaded (nested) comments.

How can I see my comments on Blogger?

2 Answers

  1. Log on to your blogger’s dashboard.
  2. Navigate to your blog’s Settings -> Comments.
  3. On the Comments menu, select Show to display comments on your blog.
  4. If you want to allow everyone to comment on your blog, you may select the Anyone option from the Who can comment menu.

How do I enable comments in moderation mode in Blogger?

Tap the ⋮ button beside Blog posts, and then select Manage blogs.

  1. Click the name of the blog you want to edit.
  2. In the Comments section, select the option that you want, and then click Save.
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How do you comment on an article?

Top ten tips for writing a great comment

  1. Read the article. …
  2. Respond to the article. …
  3. Read the other comments. …
  4. Make it clear who you’re replying to. …
  5. Use the return key.
  6. Avoid sarcasm.
  7. Avoid unnecessary acronyms.
  8. Use facts.