You asked: How do I use simple PayPal shopping cart on WordPress?

In the main menu go to Plugins -> Add New. Search for Easy PayPal Button and click install. Configure values in the settings page. In a page or post editor you will see a new button called “Easy Shopping Cart” located right above the text area beside the Add Media button.

How do I add a PayPal cart to my WordPress site?


  1. Unzip and Upload the folder ‘wordpress-paypal-shopping-cart’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings of this plugin and configure the options (for example: your email, Shopping Cart name, Return URL etc.)

How do I add a shopping cart to my WordPress site?

Install and Activate the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Just log into your wordpress admin, visit plugins -> add new and search for ‘EasyCart’. Once you Install and Activate, we recommend you walk through our simple 5 step wizard to setup the intial pages, payment, taxes, and shipping.

How do I integrate my shopping cart with PayPal?

These carts have PayPal already integrated so you can start accepting payments and give your customers a streamlined shopping experience. All you need to do is choose a cart from the below list, install your cart, enter your PayPal account details, add your catalogue of products, and you’re ready to go.

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Does WordPress support shopping cart?

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart allows you to add an ‘Add to Cart’ button for your product on any posts or pages. This simple shopping cart plugin lets you sell products and services directly from your own wordpress site and turns your WP blog into an ecommerce site.

How do I setup a PayPal payment gateway in WooCommerce?

Setup and Configuration

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
  2. Use the toggle next to PayPal Checkout to Enable it.
  3. Click Set up or Manage to configure your PayPal Checkout settings.
  4. Configure your settings: Title – Choose the title shown to customers during checkout.

How do I add free shopping cart to WordPress?

How to set up a WordPress shopping cart with WooCommerce

  1. Install WooCommerce and run the setup wizard. To get started, install and activate the free WooCommerce plugin from …
  2. Add your products. …
  3. Enhance your shopping cart with a table layout. …
  4. Add product quick view to your shopping cart.

How do I make a cart page in WordPress?

Here’s how to do that.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize in your Dashboard and select the “Menus” section.
  2. Select your navigation menu.
  3. Click the button to “Add items” at the bottom of the list of menu items.
  4. Click the red “x” next to the checkout page.
  5. Publish your changes.

How do I make a PayPal cart?

You’ll need to open a PayPal Business account, create a PayPal Payment button or buttons, and then add your button code to your web page, Sites like Blogger, Facebook, and WordPress have specific instructions for adding PayPal shopping carts and payment options.

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How do I use PayPal checkout?

Shoppers can start the checkout process on the product detail or shopping cart page. They review and confirm payment details in a secure pop-up window on your website. PayPal passes customer contact and shipping details to you so buyers can check out without needing to complete forms on your site.