You asked: How do I restrict users on WordPress?

On the edit screen, scroll down to ‘Restrict this content’ meta box and select ‘Members with certain role’ option. Choose the user role you want to allow and then update or publish your content. Restrict Content Pro also allows you to create subscription levels.

How do I limit users in WordPress?

To limit access, go to Settings > General. Then set any New User Default Role as a Subscriber. You can also change the roles of any user that has access to your website at any time. So, any existing user roles can be modified under Users > All Users.

How do I restrict access to someone?

How do I restrict some content?

  1. Go to User Access > Add New.
  2. Click on the “New condition group” dropdown to add a condition.
  3. Click on the created input field and select the content you want to restrict.
  4. Go to the Members tab to add users who should have access the restricted content.
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How do I create a members only section in WordPress?

How to set up a members-only area on WordPress websites

  1. Start a WordPress site. This should be the obvious place to start! …
  2. Choose a membership plugin. As we alluded to earlier, you’ll probably want a plugin to help build your members-only area. …
  3. Create your restricted members-only content. …
  4. Build your audience.

How do I limit a specific category in WordPress?

After you’ve activated the plugin, go to Users » All Users and then click on ‘Edit’ for the user profile you want to restrict. On their profile page, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom. You will see a section where you can select categories that you want to restrict the user’s ability to post to.

How do I restrict a computer from a group of users?

Open the user’s account Properties in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. Select the Account tab and click Log On To. Then, click Logon Workstations, select The following computers, enter the name of the workstation you want to restrict the user to, and click Add.

How do I restrict access to a Web application to an authorized device only?

You can limit to a single useragent by issuing the client with a client side SSL certificate created with the keygen element, this gets the browser to generate a key pair, keeping the private key in the user agent, then you receive an SPKAC, which you can use to openssl create a certificate, which you then send back to …

How do I restrict my WordPress form to logged in users only?

Simply go to Post or Pages, and then click on the Plus icon to select a block. Next, type WPForms in the block search. Once the WPForms block is added, select your form to embed and you’re done. Congratulations, you have successfully created a WordPress form that’s restricted to logged-in users only.

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How do I use restrict content plugin?


  1. Install plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Admin > Restrict to set up different restriction messages.
  4. Add restrictions to your posts, pages or various custom post types.

What are content controls?

Content controls are individual controls that you can add and customize for use in templates, forms, and documents. For example, many online forms are designed with a drop-down list control that provides a restricted set of choices for the user of the form.

How do I create a private area in WordPress?

After creating the pages you need, you may head to the plugins settings, under Settings > Private area. From here, you’ll find a list of all the pages you’ve “flagged” as private using the method illustrated above. For each page, you’ll be able to select exactly which roles have access to its contents.

How do you make a website for members only?

How to Create a Membership Website

  1. Decide on your membership model.
  2. Create members-only content.
  3. Choose a membership platform or plugin.
  4. Publish your members-only pages.
  5. Announce your new membership offering through social media and email.

How do I create a website with users and profiles in WordPress?

How to Make a Website With User Accounts and Profiles

  1. Log in to your website builder or CMS.
  2. Navigate to settings and set up or enable user registration.
  3. Alternatively, install and configure a membership plugin.
  4. Create a registration form.
  5. Create a login page.
  6. Create an edit profile page.