You asked: How do I restrict content uploads in WordPress?

How do I restrict media library access to user’s own uploads in WordPress?

Go to the Plugins area of WordPress and click, “Add New.” Install and activate the “Restrict Media Library Access” plugin. You can easily search for it by using the Keyword text field on the right. Once the plugin is activated, users of WordPress will only see their own media in the library.

How do I protect media files in WordPress?

Under the ‘Visibility’ section above the ‘Add New Category’ button, select ‘Protected’. Set a password and/or select user roles or specific users who can access the post/product. In the WordPress Media Library List view, protect your attachment file and then click on ‘Configure File Protection’.

Is wp content uploads public?

The File Upload Path defaults to ‘/wp-content/uploads’ but there is a warning underneath it saying: This is public by default. Make sure it is writable by WordPress and not public. (Delete and save settings to restore default path.)

How do I stop direct file access in my wp content directory?


  1. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add.
  2. Search for „Prevent Direct Access“
  3. Click to install.
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. Protect your files under the Media Library.
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What do the different roles in WordPress mean?

WordPress uses a concept of Roles, designed to give the site owner the ability to control what users can and cannot do within the site. … WordPress has six pre-defined roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. Each role is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities.

How do I password protect a WordPress file?

How to password protect your WordPress post/page:

  1. Create a new WordPress page or post under your admin panel as usual.
  2. Edit Visibility in the right-hand menu from Public to Password protected.
  3. Enter your password and Update the page/post.

Can I delete wp-content uploads?

Simply download the wp-content folder from your site’s server, and save it in a safe location (such as in cloud storage). A popup will appear, and clicking on OK will remove the file from your Media Library.

How do I hide my WordPress site?

Set your site-wide password by going to Settings > Hide My Site > Set Your Password. If you want to disable password protection uncheck the box at Settings > Hide My Site > Enable Password Protection.

How can I protect my WordPress folder?

In the Files section, click Directory Privacy. Locate the directory (or folder) you want to protect. Click the folder icon to open the folder and view its subfolders or click the folder name to password protect that folder.

How do I stop direct access?

Prevent Direct Access Gold Version

Encrypt protected files to stop unauthorized downloads from viewing. Protect new file uploads automatically or on the fly. Restrict protected file access to logged-in users or custom user roles. Search and replace unprotected URLs in content.

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How do I view wp content uploads?

In wordpress normally files are uploaded in media library, and you can view these going to media library. Also you can check via FTP or File Manger of your hosting provider. Directory contain like this: /wp-content/uploads/year/month/your file.