You asked: How do I make my Elementor column clickable?

Can you link a column in Elementor?

Once the plugin is installed and activated, there’s nothing else to change period it automatically adds a link input field on the column settings within the Elementor editor. … By clicking the settings icon, you can set the link to open in a new tab, add attributes, and more.

How do I add a clickable link in Elementor?

In the Elementor editor, choose Page to include a hyperlink in the text editor. Then, to add a hyperlink, add a text editor widget. The interface will look similar to this. Then, from the text editing options, select the text to add the hyperlink and then choose the insert link option from the list.

How do you add a space between columns in Elementor?

In order to adjust the columns gap in Elementor:

  1. Select the section you want to change/remove the gap from columns of it, so that a dashboard on the left will emerge with the section’s settings.
  2. In the Layout tab, look for the Columns Gap option.

How do I make an image clickable in Elementor?

Link To – Set a link to a custom URL, media file, or no link. Choose “media file” to link directly to the location of the image within your media library. Choose “custom URL” to link to any page on any site. Choose “none” if you don’t want to add a link to the image at all.

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What is hover in Elementor?

Elementor provides Hover Effects that help to increase and improve your website’s engagement and design interaction. Hover effects can be applied at the Widget, Column, and Section level, and can be combined to create unlimited effect variations.

What is Wrapper link in WordPress?

The Wrapper link feature will help you to insert links anywhere you want. ? Currently, in Elementor Page Builder you can add links only to specific areas. But with the help of the Happy Wrapper Link feature, you can add a link to any section, column.

How do I create a section link in an Elementor?

Method 1: Adding link to an Elementor button

  1. Step 1: Open Edit section toolbox. Go to the section which you want to jump to on the click of a link or a button. …
  2. Step 2: Add CSS ID to the section. …
  3. Step 3: Drag and drop an Elementor button.
  4. Step 4: Go to the Edit button toolbox. …
  5. Step 5: Link the button the section.

How do I make a clickable Elementor email?

Follow the steps to add email link easily with Elementor.

  1. Drag and drop the text editor widget to a section in the page. …
  2. Write your desired text in the content and select the text and link on the link icon.
  3. Prefix a “mailto:” to the desired email address you write in the link textbox.

How do I add a link to a WordPress block?

In your page or post, highlight the text you want to link. Click the link icon that appears in the block toolbar. Paste the URL into the window that appears, then hit enter to save the link.

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