What happens if I don’t renew Elementor pro?

If you choose to cancel your auto-renewal, all your existing projects will remain intact, and the Pro features you used in your designs will continue to function as before, if the versions of both Elementor Free and Elementor Pro remain exactly as they are at that moment in time.

What happens if I stop paying for Elementor pro?

The code for Elementor’s free version is constantly being updated to add new features, fix bugs, and solve security issues. … Canceling your auto-renewal of Elementor Pro means you will no longer enjoy our support team, updates, and access to premium templates which require renewal.

How long does Elementor pro last?

When you purchase the plugin it may be for one or three years. And your purchase includes the license for support, updates and other facilities.

Can I cancel Elementor pro?

Yes! You can cancel your order within 30 days, and get your full money back, no questions asked. Open a customer experience ticket at https://my.elementor.com to request a refund.

Is Elementor a lifetime?

Several customers asked us why we don’t offer a lifetime license, so we decided to write a doc to explain it. We have big plans for Elementor, to become the #1 leading website design tool. Our business model cannot be sustainable without the license renewal. …

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Is it worth paying for Elementor pro?

YES! Elementor Pro is absolutely worth the money. … If you are just starting with page builders and haven’t tried Elementor yet, start with the free version and see if it helps you with your website. Once you get a feel of Elementor, you will know better if there is a need for you to upgrade or not.

How do I stop using Elementor?

You can do this by going to the Elementor website. Log into the Elementor account that is connected to your WordPress website. To deactivate, choose the last option on this page: “Disconnect”. This deactivates your license and removes Elementor Pro from your website.

How do I manually renew my Elementor?

Menu. Click the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner of the subscription’s detail page to turn Auto Renewal on or off. You can renew your subscription manually. We will notify you via the WordPress Dashboard and via email that your license is about to expire.

Can I use Elementor pro for more than one website?

Yes, you can use Elementor Pro alongside WordPress Multisite. However, you will need an active license key for each individual network site, rather than just using one license key for the entire network.

Do I have to pay for Elementor every year?

Is the price of Elementor Pro a one-time fee, monthly or yearly fee? The pricing, as we write in our pricing page, is a YEARLY fee. Each year your license will auto-renew. This means you will continue to receive premium support, Pro templates, and updates.

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How much is Elementor pro renewal?

Explore Elementor Pro Plugin Plans For Multiple Websites

This price represents the cost per website on the Expert plan. The annual charge remains $199. Ask any question and receive answers within 1 day on average from our Premium Support team.

How do I reactivate my Elementor license?

Go to Dashboard > Updates and click the Check Again button to receive notification of any new updates. Confirm that you have activated your license key under Elementor > License in your WordPress dashboard.