What happens if I cancel Elementor pro?

A: If you deactivate or delete Elementor Pro, your site will be unable to display the advanced designs you created with Elementor Pro. Any designs created with the standard free version of Elementor will still work.

What happens if I cancel Elementor?

Canceling your auto-renewal of Elementor Pro means you will no longer enjoy our support team, updates, and access to premium templates which require renewal.

What happens if you don’t renew Elementor pro?

If you choose to cancel your auto-renewal, all your existing projects will remain intact, and the Pro features you used in your designs will continue to function as before, if the versions of both Elementor Free and Elementor Pro remain exactly as they are at that moment in time.

Can I cancel Elementor pro?

Yes! You can cancel your order within 30 days, and get your full money back, no questions asked. Open a customer experience ticket at https://my.elementor.com to request a refund.

Is it worth paying for Elementor pro?

YES! Elementor Pro is absolutely worth the money. … If you are just starting with page builders and haven’t tried Elementor yet, start with the free version and see if it helps you with your website. Once you get a feel of Elementor, you will know better if there is a need for you to upgrade or not.

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Do I need Elementor to use Elementor pro?

Well, that’s easy with the pro version. If you want to build everything with Elementor, that’s a powerful reason to choose Elementor Pro. If you just want to create a custom header or footer for your site, you don’t actually need the pro version.

Can I use Elementor pro for more than one website?

Yes, you can use Elementor Pro alongside WordPress Multisite. However, you will need an active license key for each individual network site, rather than just using one license key for the entire network.

How do I cancel my Elementor account?

Delete Account: Click the Delete My Account button if you wish to delete your entire Experts Account. Note that your Elementor account will not be deleted; only your Experts account will be deleted.

How do I remove a site from Elementor pro?

In your Elementor Pro account, click Subscriptions in the left sidebar. Find the subscription in the list that displays, and click the title of the subscription to see its details. Scroll down to the list of Connected websites.

Is Elementor good for beginners?

Elementor is a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop page builder widely used in WordPress websites. It is widely popular due to its visual editor that lets you create dynamic websites quickly. … Drag and Drop Editor – An easy-to-use drag and drop editor that lets you build your website visually.

What is the difference between Elementor pro and Astra Pro?

Before we start, Elementor Pro and Astra Pro’s critical difference is that Elementor Pro is a page builder, while Astra Pro is a premium WordPress theme. Both of them offer free versions to users. However, the pro versions come with the most advanced features and customization options.

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Is Elementor pro good for WooCommerce?

What Can You Get From Elementor Pro? Elementor is a very popular standalone page builder for WordPress; it takes almost every flexible theme to a whole new level. It’s also a popular option for sites using WooCommerce because of its excellent compatibility.