Quick Answer: Why is WooCommerce not installing?

Why WooCommerce is not installing in my WordPress?

Navigate to Plugins>Installed Plugins and deactivate every single plugin that’s not WooCommerce or a Woo extension. If the problem disappears, then it’s a conflict with one or more of your plugins. Now, go through your plugins one at a time and activate each plugin.

How do I manually install WooCommerce?

1. Manual installation

  1. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on Plugins and Add New.
  3. Type WooCommerce into the search field and click Search Plugins.
  4. Select WooCommerce.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. Then click Enable to Install WooCommerce.
  7. Confirm the installation by clicking Yes.

How do I completely reinstall WooCommerce?


  1. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for “WooCommerce”.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Click Activate Now and you’re ready for the WooCommerce Wizard.

How do I set up WooCommerce and install?

How to Install and Set Up WooCommerce (In 7 Steps)

  1. Step 1: Install the Plugin. …
  2. Step 2: Access the Setup Wizard. …
  3. Step 3: Choose Your Payment Processors. …
  4. Step 4: Configure Your Shipping Options. …
  5. Step 5: Review Optional Add-Ons. …
  6. Step 6: Install the Jetpack Plugin (Optional) …
  7. Step 7: Complete the Setup Process.
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How do I connect WooCommerce to WordPress?

Simply visit Plugins » Add New page in your WordPress admin and search for WooCommerce. WordPress will now show plugin search results. You need to click on the ‘Install now’ button next to WooCommerce. WordPress will now grab the plugin files and install WooCommerce for you.

How do I fix WooCommerce?

Basic Requirements and Common fixes for WooCommerce Errors

  1. Update WordPress and WooCommerce to the latest versions. …
  2. Make sure all plugins are regularly updated.
  3. Ensure theme compatibility.
  4. Remove faulty plugins. …
  5. Enable WP_DEBUG to log all the errors caused by WordPress plugins.

Is WooCommerce a WordPress plugin?

New to WooCommerce? It’s a free plugin that transforms WordPress websites into customizable eCommerce stores.

How do I download a WooCommerce plugin?


  1. Download the plugin ZIP file from WordPress.org.
  2. From the WordPress admin dashboard go to Plugins, Add New.
  3. Click Upload Plugin, locate the file, upload.
  4. In the WordPress dashboard go to Plugins, Installed Plugins, and activate Free Downloads WooCommerce.

How do I reset my WooCommerce settings?

How to reset WooCommerce? (Step-by-step process)

  1. Step 1: Clear WooCommerce data.
  2. Delete customer details.
  3. Delete WooCommerce plugin from Dashboard.
  4. Get rid of Custom Fields with cPanel.
  5. Drop Database tables in phpMyAdmin.
  6. Delete residual files from FTP server.

Where are WooCommerce settings?

In the options table, you have something like woocommerce_{ the gateway id }_settings . The data is tore in an array of sort.

How do I completely uninstall WooCommerce?

How to Uninstall and completely remove WooCommerce

  1. Open your WordPress install’s wp-config.php file.
  2. Right before where it says “* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. …
  3. Deactivate WooCommerce at WP-admin > plugins.
  4. Delete WooCommerce at WP-admin > plugins.
  5. That’s it!
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Is WooCommerce free to use?

WooCommerce and WordPress are both free, open-source software. … One of the reasons many people choose WooCommerce is because, like the software itself, costs are customizable — you have a lot more control over what you spend and when than with most other eCommerce platforms.

How long does it take to install WooCommerce?

It’s about 10 hours to set-up the site with the necessary plugins, WooCommerce configuration, header, footer, menus, shop+product page designs, payment, shipping, taxes and coupons. Then about 5 more hours to set-up the typical page bodies ( home, about, contact, privacy+terms, faq ) if they aren’t already there.

Is WooCommerce easy to set up?

For a simple setup you can count on, install the free WooCommerce Payments extension. You can get started in a few clicks, keep customers on your site during checkout, accept Apple Pay, and manage everything from payments to refunds directly in the WooCommerce dashboard.