Quick Answer: How do I create a custom template for a specific product in WooCommerce?

How do you apply a template to a single product?

Under Templates > Theme Builder > Single Product > Add New, from the dropdown choose Single Product, give it a name, and click Create Template. Choose a Single Product Block and Insert. Alternatively, you can design your own. After you’ve finished designing, click Publish.

How do I customize a single product page in WooCommerce?

How to Customize the WooCommerce Product Page

  1. Step 1: Create the Single Product Template. …
  2. Step 2: Choose a Pre-Designed Product Page Template, or build one from scratch. …
  3. Step 3: Add the Product Widgets that will make up your page. …
  4. Step 4: Preview the Product Page With Another Product. …
  5. Step 5: Set the Conditions.

How do I create a product template in WordPress?

Go to Toolset → Dashboard and click the Create Content Template button in the Products row. Use the WordPress Block Editor to design your template. Insert the Toolset Heading and Single Fields blocks with dynamic sources to display your product title, content, custom fields and taxonomies.

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How do I create a product template?

Here’s how to make a templated product:

Example: Add an image or text to a product. Click directly onto the design element to edit it. Once you’ve clicked on the design element, scroll down on the right-hand side and click the ‘More options’ button and then activate the ‘Make this a template object’ switch.

How do I create a Elementor product page?

Create a new WooCommerce product page with Elementor. To begin, go to Templates and click on Add New. From the list, select Single Product. Elementor will show some ready-made WooCommerce product pages templates that you can start with.

How do I add a custom button to a single product page in WooCommerce?

If you wish to have a different button setting of the products in the shop, you can do it in the editing page or by using “Custom Button Url List” section. Click on “Add products” button you find on top of the page to add new configurations to the button.

How do I edit WooCommerce templates?

To access the template files, in your dashboard go to Plugins > Plugin Editor, Select WooCommerce from the dropdown, and then navigate to the template files under the templates tab. You will find all the main files that you want to edit here such as archive-product.

How do I edit a template in WooCommerce?

Go to Toolset → Dashboard and find the row for ‘Products’. Click ‘Create Content Template’ to override the WooCommerce default template. You can also set conditions to use different templates depending on specific criteria you choose.

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How do I customize WooCommerce?

How to customize the WooCommerce Single Product Page

  1. Put your WooCommerce Product information in as normal.
  2. Publish or save your product as draft.
  3. Click on ‘enable WooBuilder’
  4. This will enable the new Gutenberg editor for that specific product.
  5. Design your new Single Product Page using the WooBuilder Blocks.
  6. Publish.

How do I add a sidebar to my WooCommerce product page?

The product pages for WooCommerce already has support for a sidebar you simply need to go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Single and change the “Layout” option to either “Left Sidebar” or “Right Sidebar”.

What is a product template?

Product templates are downloadable files which help customers design print-ready files. Each template provides information on product size, layout, bleed, safety zone, and any folding or mailing guidlines.

How do I create a product detail page?

7 Steps to Product Page Success

  1. Use high quality product images.
  2. Show clear pricing.
  3. Create persuasive calls-to-action.
  4. Write informative product descriptions.
  5. Leverage social proof.
  6. Provide accurate product recommendations.
  7. Stay consistent!

How do I create a product listing page?

Here’s what your product listing page should consist of:

Relevant offers and deals you are offering to your customers. Tools that will help the audience navigate through the products. Tools that will help personalize the search results. SEO keywords that are relevant and customized to your webpage.