How do I use the new version of WordPress?

First, log in to the admin area of your WordPress website and go to Dashboard » Updates page. You will see the notice that a new version of WordPress is available. Now you just need to click on the ‘Update Now’ button to initiate the update.

How do I update my WordPress site?

WordPress lets you update with the click of a button. You can launch the update by clicking the link in the new version banner (if it’s there) or by going to the Dashboard > Updates screen. Once you are on the “Update WordPress” page, click the button “Update Now” to start the process off.

What is the latest version of WordPress 2021?

Releases Category Archive

January 25, 2022 WordPress 5.9 “Josephine”
June 9, 2021 WordPress 5.8 Beta 1
May 13, 2021 WordPress 5.7.2 Security Release
April 15, 2021 WordPress 5.7.1 Security and Maintenance Release
March 9, 2021 WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza”

Will updating WordPress change my site?

If you (or your web designer) made any modifications to a WordPress theme directly, updating the theme will overwrite your customizations. … Don’t ignore WordPress updates. With regular maintenance, you can keep your site current and safe from security threats.

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What is the newest version of WordPress?

The latest major WordPress version is version 5.9.

How do I update WordPress without losing content?

How To Upgrade Your WordPress Version – Without Losing Data

  1. Backup your database.
  2. Backup your website files.
  3. Verify your backups include everything (test them!)
  4. Deactivate your plugins.
  5. Download the updated WordPress version directly from WordPress.
  6. Delete the old files (with some important exceptions, see below)

How do I update my website?

How to update a website in 8 steps

  1. Review your current content and design.
  2. Check your website’s data.
  3. Evaluate your competitors’ websites.
  4. Gather inspiration.
  5. Add powerful multimedia elements.
  6. Align your design to current trends.
  7. Perform simple A/B testing.
  8. Optimize your SEO.

Which version of WordPress should I use?

WordPress recommends users update to 5.6. 2 for the best performance and security.

How do I know what WordPress version I have?

Log in to the WordPress administration dashboard and take a look at the bottom right of the home page. You’ll see the WordPress version displayed on the screen. The version of WordPress you’re running is displayed on every screen in the administration dashboard.

How do I downgrade my WordPress version?

How to Downgrade WordPress with a Plugin

  1. From your WordPress admin, mouse over on ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Wp Downgrade’
  3. Download and activate the plugin.
  4. Mouse over on ‘Settings’ and click on ‘WP Downgrade’
  5. In the WordPress Target Version field, enter the release you want to downgrade to.

What will happen if I update my WordPress?

Your site will still be visible to users, but you will not be able to install plugins, or themes while the update is underway. Once the update is over, you will be redirected to the WordPress welcome screen. Depending on each release you may see a page explaining what’s new in WordPress and the features you should try.

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Does updating WordPress affect my theme?

Customizations You Won’t Lose During a Theme Update

You won’t lose any changes made through the built-in WordPress theme customizer which you can access by visiting Appearance » Customize page. The theme customizer allows you to modify your WordPress theme and store all changes in the WordPress database.

Should I Update WordPress or plugins first?

Update WordPress plugins first.

If you are doing a major upgrade to your plugins and WordPress, you should update the plugins first and test them one at a time. After upgrading WordPress, you may be prompted to update the plugins again to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

How many versions of WordPress are there?

If you’re relatively new to WordPress, you might not realize that there are actually two versions of WordPress, though. and Both and use the same core WordPress software, so it’s easy to confuse them as the same thing.

What version of PHP Am I running WordPress?

Step 1: Access your web hosting account and go to cPanel. Step 2: Here, you should find a section called Software. You’ll see ‘Select PHP Version’. Step 3: Upon clicking that, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you can view what PHP version your WordPress site is running on.