How do I link PayPal business to WooCommerce?

Can you use PayPal with WooCommerce?

It’s easy for shoppers, simple for you, and great for your business–with no monthly or setup fees. PayPal is also compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

How do I get PayPal API credentials for WooCommerce?

Getting PayPal API Credentials for WooCommerce Refunds

  1. Login to PayPal.
  2. Go to Profile > Profile and Settings.
  3. Click My Selling Tools.
  4. Go to API Access.
  5. Select NVP/SOAP API integration.
  6. Click to view API Username, Password and Signature.
  7. Add information into WooCommerce PayPal settings.

How do I link my PayPal to WordPress?

How to install and use the WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept plugin

  1. From within your WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins, then Add New.
  2. Do a search for: WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept.
  3. Click Install Now, then Activate.
  4. Click Settings, then WP PayPal Payment.
  5. Add your PayPal Email Address.

Which is the best PayPal plugin for WooCommerce?

5 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins for Faster Checkout (Free)

  • PayPal Express Checkout.
  • WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway.
  • WooCommerce PayPal provided by Brain Tree Payment Gateway.
  • WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway.
  • PayPal Plus.
  • Conclusion.

How do I setup a PayPal sandbox in WooCommerce?

On your WordPress dashboard, hover over WooCommerce and click Settings. Next, click the Payments tab and click Manage next to PayPal. Under Advanced Options, find “PayPal sandbox” and click “Enable PayPal sandbox”.

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Where do I find my PayPal API credentials?

How do I find my Paypal API credentials?

  1. Log in to your PayPal account and head to API access.
  2. Under “NVP/SOAP API integration,” click Manage API credentials.
  3. If you have already generated an API Signature, then View API Signature appears. If not, agree to create an API signature.
  4. You’ll then see your API credentials.

Where are PayPal API credentials?

Log in to the PayPal Developer site and navigate to the Sandbox Accounts page or Dashboard > Sandbox > Accounts. View your test API credentials by clicking the Manage Accounts icon next to the Business account that you want to use in your request, selecting View/Edit Account, and navigating to the API credentials tab.

Where is PayPal API key?

Click the “Settings” icon. Click Account access under “Account & Security” on the left of the page. In the “API access” section, click “Update”. Click “Manage API credentials” under “NVP/SOAP API integration”.

How do I integrate PayPal into my website?

Go to the admin console of your shopping cart or other ecommerce platform. Select PayPal Payments Standard (formerly known as Website Payments Standard) as your payment solution. Enter your PayPal account login info where indicated in your admin console.

How do I add a PayPal gateway to my website?

If you decide to add it to your ecommerce site, you can do so in just 3 easy steps that we’ll explain below:

  1. Create your business account through the PayPal Commerce Platform. On the PayPal site, click to create a Business Account. …
  2. Add PayPal to your shop. On product pages. …
  3. Add other points of sale.
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