How do I create a feature box in WordPress?

First, you need to open up the page where you want to add the feature boxes. Then, click the ‘Plus’ add block icon to bring up the block editor. Next, search for ‘Columns’ in the search box. Then, select the ‘Columns’ block.

How do I add a feature box in WordPress?

To add WordPress feature boxes with icons on your site, you’ll need to follow these 8 steps:

  1. Install and activate Advanced WP Columns plugin.
  2. Go to settings of Advanced WP Columns and add column class.
  3. Install and activate WP SVG Icons plugin.
  4. Edit your page and click on Advanced WP Columns button.

What is a feature box?

A feature box is a full width email opt-in box. It usually offers some kind of lead magnet to incite people to sign up for your list.

How do I create a content box in WordPress CSS?

There’s 2 simple steps needed to create a content box using CSS3.

  1. Copy and paste all the CSS from the Gist labelled style. css near the end of your child themes style. css file before the start of the Media Queries.
  2. Paste the HTML from the Gist labelled content-box. HTML into your editor or text widget.
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How do I add icons to WordPress?

Go to Admin Dashboard and move to Media option on the left menu and click on Add New. Select all the icon images and upload them. After uploading, open a notepad file and paste the URLs of each icon and you can name them so that you can remember which URL is for which icon.

How do you make an opt Box?

To add an optin feature box to your site, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an inline optin form.
  2. Insert the sitewide and campaign-specific embed codes (can skip if using WordPress)
  3. Insert the shortcode (for WordPress users)
  4. Customize with post- or page-specific lead magnets (optional)

What is opt in box?

Opting-in means that a user will first need to check a box (or take a confirmative action) to consent. While opting-out means a user must uncheck a box to remove their consent.

How do I add a rectangle in WordPress?

How to Create a Rectangle

  1. Add a Spacer Widget and Set Background Color. Add another Spacer widget and set the background to a solid color in the Advanced tab. …
  2. Configure Custom Positioning. Now, go back to the Advanced Tab and set the Width equal to Custom in the Custom Positioning section.

How do I put a box around a paragraph in WordPress?

To add this, go to and paste it in the CSS section. The ‘border-color’ property can be changed to any color you like. The ‘border-style’ can be changed to various types like solid, dashed, dotted, etc.. The border-width can be changed to how strong you want it to show as well.

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How do I color a text box in WordPress?

You need to go to the “Text” tab of the wordpress text editor since you’ll be entering some code. Now find the sentence/text or whatever else you want your colored text box to contain. For example, I’m going to create a text box around the sentence: “This is colored text box.”