How do I change my default billing address in WooCommerce?

How do I change my billing address in WooCommerce?

Once you install it, you can configure the WooCommerce shipping and billing address sections. Go to WooCommerce → Checkout Fields. You can switch between them using the tabs on the top of the screen (Billing and Shipping): As you see, you can easily Add New Field or Edit Section.

How do I change my billing information in WooCommerce?

Checkout Field Editor

  1. Download the . zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.

How do I change the default shipping address in WooCommerce?

So, to set a certain shipping method as the default one, simply go to WooCommerce > Settings and re-order your shipping methods. For example, let’s say you want to set free shipping as your default shipping option for a selected zone. Simply drag the free shipping to the top using the sorting icon as shown below.

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How do I find my billing address in WooCommerce?

You can fetch billing address by using WC_Order object and get_billing_address() from order id. Use the following code to fetch billing address from order ID. $order = new WC_Order( $order_id ); $billing_address=$order->get_billing_address();

How do I change my billing info on WordPress?

Go to your Profile (avatar at the top right of your dashboard → Purchases). 2. From the Purchases tab, select the upgrade you wish to update to show the details for that purchase. Click on the Change Payment Method button in order to review and update your payment information.

How do I delete my billing address in WooCommerce?

How to Remove / Disable Billing Address Fields

  1. In WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Click the Shipping tab.
  3. Click ‘Shipping options’
  4. Select ‘Force shipping to customer billing address’ for ‘Shipping destination’ and save.

How do I customize my WooCommerce billing form?

Let’s see the step-by-step process:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Checkout > Billing and click Add New Field.
  2. Select the type of field you want to create and fill in the label, placeholder/type, and description. …
  3. After that, tick the conditional checkbox on the right. …
  4. Press Save and you’re done!

How do I change the registration form in WooCommerce?

You can also edit the form that your users access to edit their WooCommerce user account. Go to Profile Builder → Edit-profile Forms. Click the Add New button. You’ll see a very similar screen to the one you used to create the custom WooCommerce user registration form.

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How do I add a custom field to the billing and shipping address in WooCommerce?

But if you would like to use Checkout Field Editor to modify your Billing or Shipping address, here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to Settings > CheckoutWC > Integrations and check the box next to “Enable Checkout Field Editor address field overrides.”
  2. Modify your addresses under WooCommerce > Checkout Fields.

How do I add shipping address to WooCommerce checkout?

Shipping address option missing in WooCommerce checkout. How do I enable it?

  1. Navigate to: WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Add Shipping Zone.
  2. Enter a Zone Name (e.g “USA”) and choose a Zone Region (e.g “United States”)
  3. Click Add Shipping Method, choose Flat Rate, then click Add Shipping Method.

How do I find customer order in WooCommerce?

How To Display Customer Order Details in WooCommerce

  1. add_action( ‘woocommerce_admin_order_data_after_billing_address’, ‘wpblog_order_customer_information’);
  2. function wpblog_order_customer_information( $order ){
  3. global $post;
  4. $customer_user = get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘_customer_user’, true );

Where are WooCommerce hooks?

WooCommerce Category Hooks

It is displayed before the Product card in the list. It is displayed above the product list in the category. It is displayed below the product list in the category.