How do I add Flodesk to WordPress?

To embed an inline form to your WordPress website you have to add both the header code and the inline code that’s generated to your website. Copy the Flodesk header code snippet and add it to your website with the help of a plugin in WordPress or by adding the code directly into your theme’s functions. php file.

Can you integrate Flodesk with WordPress?

Flodesk + WordPress Integrations

Zapier lets you send info between Flodesk and WordPress automatically—no code required. Triggers when a subscriber is added to a segment. Creates a new post.

How do I link Flodesk to my website?

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  1. Login to Flodesk.
  2. Create your “ribbon banner” form.
  3. After completing your form, on the “embed” section, click the first “copy code” button.
  4. Login to Showit.
  5. Click the page you want to add your form to.
  6. Click “advanced settings”
  7. Click in the “custom head html” box.
  8. Paste the copied code.

How do I create an inline form in WordPress?

How to create an inline form (2 steps)

  1. Step 1: Use the layout builder to create inline fields. First, you’ll need to build your basic form. You can start by going to Formidable → Forms → Add New and choosing a Blank Form. …
  2. Step 2: Change your button settings. Next, you can also make an inline submit button.
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How do you use Flodesk form?

Let’s sum it up!

Go to the website page where you want to embed the inline form. Add a code block and paste in the Flodesk header code first, followed by the inline code snippet right below it. Start capturing visitors’ email addresses and sending out those beautiful emails!

Does Flodesk have RSS?

Flodesk doesn’t have a native RSS feature at the moment. In the meantime, create an email template for re-use any time you have new blog posts to share.

Does Flodesk have a free version?

Is there a free version of Flodesk? When you sign up for a free trial of Flodesk, you’ll get 30 days of unrestricted access to everything that Flodesk has to offer—no credit card required. Take your time to try it out and make sure it works for you before subscribing.

Do you need a website to use Flodesk?

Many people don’t realize you can use Flodesk without a website. We have a Full Page Form that can act as a landing page for you to use. You’re going to leverage the power of that form to start building your email marketing list in just a few days. You’ll start by clicking on Forms, then New Form.

How do you put your name in Flodesk?

How to add personalization fields to your email in Flodesk?

  1. Click in the text block where you want your personalization to appear.
  2. This brings up the personalization field options on the right under the Fields tab.
  3. Insert the required personalization field, e.g. the first name.
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What is a Flodesk form?

An opt-in form is a great way to build your email list by offering your website visitors a freebie, discount or newsletter sign-up in return for their email address. Before you can add (or embed) a form on your website, you’ll first need to create the form.

What is inline form?

As the name suggests, in an inline form, all of the elements are inline, left-aligned, and the labels are alongside. You just need to add the class=”form-inline” in the form element.

How do I create a form in one line?

To display the form fields in a single line, navigate to Settings » General in your form builder and add the CSS class inline-fields to the Form CSS Class field. Then, to reduce the height of your form, open up each field’s Advanced section and select the Hide Label option.

How do you deliver a freebie with Flodesk?

Let’s sum it up:

  1. A subscriber opts into your form.
  2. This form moves the subscriber into a segment in Flodesk.
  3. The action of the subscriber being added to the segment triggers a workflow.
  4. Your workflow sends the freebie offer email immediately, and then consecutive emails after that (if that’s how you set it up)

How do you make a freebie with Flodesk?

Click the Flodesk logo in the top left, and then it’ll take you to your Emails page. From there, select Forms at the top. To create a new form, click the “create new” button. Flodesk has a template that’s pretty much for sending freebies (it’s called Lead Magnet Delivery).

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Can you make landing pages in Flodesk?

With Flodesk forms, you can: Embed a form on your website, blog, landing page, or any other place on the web that allows you to embed custom HTML code. Publish a form directly to the web, no website needed, and post the link to this form on social media, Linktree, etc.