Can I crop an image in Elementor?

How do I edit an image in Elementor?

Open the page or post with Elementor from the Dashboard> Post/Page> Edit With Elementor then navigate to the image you would like to replace. You can either left click and look to the left or right-click on the image widget and select “Edit” from the list.

How do I use image box in Elementor?

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  1. Choose Image: Select an image from the media library, or upload a new image.
  2. Image Size: Select the size of the image, from thumbnail to full, or enter a custom size.
  3. Title & Description: Add the title and description that will appear in the image box.
  4. Link to: Enter the URL for the item’s link.

What is the best size for a featured image in WordPress?

A good starting point for your WordPress featured image size is 1200 x 628 pixels. These dimensions tend to work well across WordPress themes and page layouts, and also look good when shared on social media feeds.

How do I make an image clickable in an Elementor?

Link To – Set a link to a custom URL, media file, or no link. Choose “media file” to link directly to the location of the image within your media library. Choose “custom URL” to link to any page on any site. Choose “none” if you don’t want to add a link to the image at all.

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How do I change the column height in an Elementor?

Alternatively, you can go to the shortcode widgets advanced settings > Positioning > Width > Custom > adjust to your needs. You will also need to adjust the column’s horizontal settings to center if you want it to stay centralized.