Best answer: How many users can WooCommerce handle?

So, if you concentrate on optimizing your website speed, database queries and page loading time, there won’t be a problem with the “number of products“. In plain English, WooCommerce can handle unlimited products – as long as your website is not slow.

How many customers can WooCommerce handle?

WooCommerce can easily handle as many products as you want; the only requirement is that you subscribe to a powerful hosting service. We recently built a site that has over 20k products using WordPress and Woo-commerce. – Speed was initially an issue and here is how we fixed it…

How many users can WordPress handle?

There is no hard limit on the number of users a WordPress site can handle. WordPress dominates 65% of the CMS market share and for good reason. It is easy to use, scales with your needs and is completely free to use.

Can WooCommerce handle 5000 products?

The short answer is- Yes. WooCommerce Stores are Scalable and can handle an unlimited amount of products as long as those products don’t make your website slow. To ensure this, one should concentrate on optimizing their website’s speed, page load time and database queries.

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Can WooCommerce handle 1 million products?

As we have already mentioned, the real question is which hosting you are using and what are your server specs. WooCommerce can handle 1 million products.

Can WooCommerce handle high traffic?

The answer is – YES. A powerful eCommerce platform built on WordPress, WooCommerce can handle thousands of page visits and transactions per minute. … To put it simply, WooCommerce itself does not have any limit on the amount of traffic it can support.

Can a WordPress website handle millions of users?

Yes. WordPress can handle millions of users.

How many users can a website handle?

A Single CPU core will commonly handle an average of 220 to 250 concurrent connections simultaneously. If for instance, a website runs on a server that has a single CPU with 2 CPU cores, approximately 500 visitors may access and search the website at the same time.

Can WordPress handle large sites?

WordPress can handle a large database. In fact, some of the largest websites on the internet today are run on WordPress.

How much traffic can my server handle?

A good shared hosting can handle 1.5–2k traffic per hour. It can handle more depending on how you optimise the website + page size. With average page size of 700kb to 1.3 mb shared hosting can handle 7–12 k daily traffic efficiently. Above that users might experience a higher loading time than usual.

Is WooCommerce heavy?

Most definitely WooCommerce is slow and it’s a heavy plugin, as I wrote in my post plugins that slow down WordPress. It adds a bunch of javascript and CSS to the pages of your site in order to work, and of course it runs additional queries on the database.

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What big companies use WooCommerce?

10 Of The Best Ecommerce Sites Built With WooCommerce

  • Porter and York.
  • Barefoot Buttons.
  • Underwear Expert.
  • The Good Batch.
  • Untold Wish.
  • Root Science.
  • Marché du Pre.
  • Bluestar Coffee Roasters.

How many categories can WooCommerce have?

Currently, in WooCommerce, it is allowed to create only one category at a time.