Best answer: How do I remove product attributes in WordPress?

How do I hide attributes in WooCommerce?

3 Answers

  1. For all custom product attributes you can hide them from additional information tab just deselecting the option “Visible on the product page” under product settings > Attributes tab:
  2. 1) To remove the product dimensions, you can disable that with the following code:

How do I change product attributes in WordPress?

Go to Products > Attributes to add, edit, and remove attributes. Here you can quickly and easily add attributes and their terms.

What are product attributes WooCommerce?

What are WooCommerce Attributes ? Attributes add extra data to your WooCommerce products. Attributes are also useful for searching and filtering products. If you give attributes to products, users can filter using them.

How does WooCommerce show attributes on product page?

How to show attributes on the WooCommerce product page

  1. Go to: Products > Add Product (or edit an existing one).
  2. Select the Attributes tab in the Product Data section.
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Where are WooCommerce product attributes stored?

Product attributes are stored in two locations – in wp_terms, wp_term_taxonomy and wp_term_relationships (that’s the first place – each attribute is preceded by pa_ for its taxonomy name – e.g. if you have a color attribute, it’s under pa_color) then also as a PHP serialized array in wp_postmeta under ‘_ …

How do I get rid of additional information in WooCommerce?

Removing the additional information tab using PHP code snippet

  1. add_filter( ‘woocommerce_product_tabs’, ‘my_remove_product_tabs’
  2. function my_remove_product_tabs( $tabs ) {
  3. unset( $tabs[‘additional_information’] ); // To remove the additional information tab.
  4. return $tabs;

How do I separate attributes in WordPress?

In your WordPress admin panel find the Products tab and choose Attributes below. You will see the Add New Attribute interface. For Type you can choose Select or Text. Select will allow pre-configured values to display automatically in a dropdown menu.

What is custom product attribute in WordPress?

The purpose of a custom product attribute is the same – it is used to represent a certain feature of a product. However, unlike global product attributes, a custom attribute is used to define a feature of a specific product; it is not applicable to most other products.

What are custom attributes in WordPress?

Custom attributes ARE custom fields. Custom fields with events work the same way as with WordPress post or pages, custom attributes are simply a way of imposing certain restrictions which custom fields do not: each attribute can only be used once per event/location. only attributes created by admins can be used.

How do I edit attributes in WooCommerce?

Add or remove attributes in bulk

Select the required products. If you have more than tens or hundreds of products, use advanced search to get all these products quickly. Click on Buk Edit and it will open up a slide-over panel. Select Add attribute > Color > Blue and click on Update as shown in the image above .

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How do I create a custom attribute in WordPress?

Adding Custom Fields in WordPress

First, you need to edit the post or page where you want to add the custom field and go to the custom fields meta box. Next, you need to provide a name for your custom field and then enter its value. Click on the Add Custom Field button to save it.

How do I show product attributes on shop page?

Method 1: Code it Yourself

  1. Display an attribute (or attributes) like “Color” or size attribute under product data in the WooCommerce shop.
  2. Display each attribute value, and indicate it’s availability with a strikethrough.
  3. Only show attributes on variable products where the attribute is used for WooCommerce variations.

How do you find the attribute of a product?

How to Get Product Attribute with Name and Value in Magento

  1. Get all attributes of a product.
  2. Get products if you know the product ID.
  3. Get attribute’s name, value, type, and other parameters.
  4. Load any particular attribute by attribute code.
  5. Get all option value list for the particular attribute.

How do I set global attributes in WooCommerce?

How To Create A Global Product Attribute In WooCommerce

  1. On your dashboard, go to Products > Attributes.
  2. Input a name and slug for the attribute in their respective fields.
  3. Then click on the ‘Add attribute’ button below.
  4. On the right side of the attribute, under the Terms, you will see an option called Configure Terms.