Best answer: How do I make my background Elementor sticky?

To make sure your header sticks to the top as users start scrolling, you can use Elementor’s Motion Effects feature. Open the settings for the section that contains your header. Then, go to the Advanced tab and open the Motion Effects settings: Set the Sticky drop-down equal to Top.

How do I make my Elementor sticky free?

To add a sticky section you’ll have to:

  1. Navigate to Elementor editor page;
  2. Click Edit Section option for one of the sections to which you want to apply Sticky effect;
  3. Open Advanced settings and here enable Sticky Section effect in Jet Sticky block.

How do you make an Elementor sticky?

Step 4: How to Make Your Elementor Header Sticky.

To do this, click on the Edit section (Whole header section). Go to Advanced > Motion Effects. Under motion effects, select “sticky to the Top” and select the “devices” where you want to show sticky header and hit on the “Publish” button.

How do I use sticky menu?


  1. Show sticky header on scroll down/up.
  2. Fade or slide effect.
  3. Disable at small screen.
  4. Choose when to make visible on scroll.
  5. Change the font color when the menu is sticky.
  6. Change the background color.
  7. Change the opacity.
  8. Change the sticky transition time.
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What is sticky navbar?

A sticky menu is a fixed navigation menu on a webpage that remains visible and in the same position as the user scrolls down and moves about a site. Persistent navigation bars – or “sticky headers” – are now a web design standard.

What is a sticky header in Elementor?

• WordPress Sticky headers make your header or menu visible at all times. Click the Edit Section icon in your Header, and in the panel go to Advanced. Click on Motion Effects, and slide the Sticky Header ON. Choose the devices you need (desktop, tablet, mobile)

How do you change the background color of an Elementor header?

How To Change Sticky Header Color On Scroll

  1. Use The Advanced Tab. For the next steps we will be using the Advanced Tab in the Section Controls.
  2. Change the Margin. …
  3. Set The Z-index. …
  4. Set to Sticky. …
  5. Use the Style Tab. …
  6. Setting The Final Color. …
  7. Adding the Scrolling Effect. …
  8. Set the Values.

Is scrolling effect in Elementor free?

Scrolling effect itself is a feature available on Elementor Pro. So, you need to upgrade your Elementor to the pro version in case you haven’t done so. You can read our previous article to learn the differences between Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro.

What is effect offset in Elementor?

Elementor sticky headers work because of Elementor’s sticky function. There is a ‘Sticky’ option in the Advanced tab under ‘Motion Effects’ on just about any element. When this option is turned on and a value is given to the ‘Effects Offset,’ a special class is given to the element.

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