Best answer: How do I export from Blogger to WordPress?

Log in to and click My Sites → Tools → Import in the sidebar. Click on the Blogger importer, and you’ll see the import box. Drag your export file into the box, or click the box to select the file on your computer. Once the importer has processed the uploaded file, click the Start Import button.

How do I export my Blogger blog?

Using the Old Interface

  1. Navigate to your Blogspot homepage and find the blog you wish to export in the page’s Manage Blogs section.
  2. Click the “Settings” link next to the desired blog and choose “Export Blog” to open the Export Your Blog page.
  3. Click the “Download Blog” button to open a pop-up window.

Can I convert my Blogger blog to website?

Switch to a custom domain

You can either keep your current blog domain or find a brand new one. The advantage of the paid WordPress service is that you can have a professional domain format. So, instead of you can get yourself a friendlier format like .

How do I convert a Blogger template to WordPress?

Convert Blogger to WordPress: 6 step migration

  1. Find a host and install WordPress ready for import.
  2. Migrate your Blogspot blog to WordPress.
  3. Assign an author.
  4. Edit your permalinks.
  5. Redirect your Blogger posts.
  6. Redirect your feed.
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Is it easy to move from Blogger to WordPress?

Let’s start the transfer. Alright, we are all set to go. While it definitely takes some time to perform each step correctly, moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress is not that hard even if you’re a complete beginner. Do not rush and do not skip steps.

Is Blogger or WordPress better?

In a nutshell, the Blogger platform is better than WordPress when you are creating a blog for no other reason than you want to write. If you are OK with the limited features offered by the Blogger platform, then this is a great choice. For making money or creating a long term impact, WordPress platform is better.

How do I import a blog post into WordPress?

Importing content

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Import.
  2. In the Blogger section, click Install Now.
  3. When the installation is finished, click Run Importer.
  4. Click Browse and find your Blogger exported XML file on your local computer.
  5. Click Upload file and import.

How do I make my blog look like a website?

8 Ways to Make a Blogger Blog Look and Act Like a Website

  1. Buy a custom domain name and point your account to it. …
  2. Play with the advance layout options to customize the look of your site. …
  3. Add page tabs (About, FAQ, Contact). …
  4. Add a contact form. …
  5. Add social media icons. …
  6. Add a favicon.

How do I convert my website to WordPress?

The Typical Migration Process

  1. Evaluate your current website. This will tell you what special features you need in your new WordPress website. …
  2. Set up your WordPress installation. …
  3. Import your content into your WordPress website. …
  4. Set up your WordPress design. …
  5. Test and debug as needed. …
  6. Go Live. …
  7. Revise as needed.
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Is a blog and website the same thing?

Blogs are a type of website. The only real difference between a blog and other types of website is that blogs are updated on a regular basis with new content, which is displayed in reverse chronological order (new blog posts first). … In simple terms, all blogs can be a website or part of a website.

How can I host my WordPress website for free?

The Best Free WordPress Hosting Services of 2022

  2. 000webhost.
  3. AccuWeb Hosting.
  5. AwardSpace.
  6. x10Hosting.
  7. Free Hosting No Ads.
  8. Free Hosting.