Best answer: How do I change the latest post title in WordPress?

From your WordPress dashboard, under Appearance, click on Customise. From this menu, click on Widgets, then on Blog Sidebar. Down this list, you will see the ‘Recent Post’ tab; click on this and you can rename this tab to whatever you wish, like ‘New Topics’.

How do I change the title of a WordPress post?

To do this, hover over your post title and a new menu will appear directly below the title. Click Quick Edit from this menu. Make the changes that you want to effect and then click the Update button. If you’re changing the post content, click on the post’s title to view the edit page.

How do I change the main header of a blog post?

In this case you should do the following:

  1. Go to Pages ->All Pages tab:
  2. Open the Blog page by clicking on its title.
  3. On the appeared screen change the title in the title field to any desired one.
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How do I add latest news in WordPress?

To add a news item:

  1. Navigate to News > Add News Item.
  2. Add your content to the WordPress editor as you would a normal post or page.
  3. You can also add and select a category and/or tag(s) for the news item if you wish.
  4. Click Publish to save your news post.

How do I create a custom post title in WordPress?

php // Get the ‘Profiles’ post type $args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘custom_post_type’, ); $loop = new WP_Query($args); while($loop->have_posts()): $loop->the_post(); the_title(); endwhile; wp_reset_query(); ?> There are other arguments that you can pass in to WP_Query() to make it more suitable for your needs.

How do I edit a post on a page in WordPress?

How to Edit a WordPress Page or Post

  1. Log into your WordPress Website.
  2. On the menu bar to the left, click on Pages or Posts.
  3. You should now be prompted with a list of existing pages. To edit one of them, simply click on the name of that page.
  4. Edit the content, then click Update to save and publish the changes.

How do I change the header on my WordPress blog?

In your WordPress administrator dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Header. At the top of this page, you will see a preview of how the header currently looks with your chosen settings. Click “Choose File” and browse to the location of the image you want to use for your header.

How do I show the post title in WordPress?

Follow the steps below:

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard visit ‘Settings’ -> ‘Reading’
  2. Look for the first section titled ‘Front page displays’
  3. Check the option that says ‘A static page’
  4. Select whatever page you want to display as your ‘Front page’
  5. Select the page we created in Step 1 as your ‘Posts page’
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How do I get the latest post on my WordPress homepage?

Using Widget Area

  1. Login to your WordPress website.
  2. Navigate to Appearance>Widgets.
  3. Find the Recent Posts widget, then drag and drop it in the desired widget area.
  4. Once added, you can add a title, set the number of posts to show and more.
  5. Click Save to complete the changes.

How do you edit news in WordPress?

In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Settings” > “Reading”. Towards the top of the “Reading” page, there will be a section called “Homepage Displays”. Choose the new page you created for your blog/feed under the dropdown for “Posts page”. At the bottom of the “Reading” page, click the “Save Changes” button.

How do I get post title and content in WordPress?

$post_7 = get_post( 7 ); echo $post_7->post_title; To get the post content for a post with ID 7: $post_7 = get_post( 7 ); echo $post_7->post_content; Let me know if this helped.

How do I get a custom post type title?

“code to get custom post type title in wordpress” Code Answer

  1. $pt = get_post_type_object( ‘books’ );
  2. echo $pt->label;
  3. echo $pt->labels->name;
  4. echo $pt->labels->singular_name;

How do I get a post page title?

If you want to get the title as a variable for any reason, you would have to use output buffering to do it. You can use the function get_the_title() to get the title of a page as a variable just by providing the ID. If you don’t provide an ID, then the function will try to fetch the ID for the current page.