You asked: How do I find the archive title in WordPress?

How do I view the title of a WordPress archive?

Retrieve the archive title based on the queried object.

Uses #Uses.

Uses Description
wp-includes/general-template.php: post_type_archive_title() Display or retrieve title for a post type archive.
wp-includes/general-template.php: single_term_title() Display or retrieve page title for taxonomy term archive.

What is the archive title in WordPress?

Examples of WordPress archive pages

Tag – showing posts all tagged with a specific tag. Post format – all posts assigned a specific post format. Post type archives – showing all posts from a specific post type when the post type is set to have an archive. Author archives – shows all the posts written by a specific …

How do I change the title of a WordPress archive?


  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Go to Settings > Custom Archive Titles.
  3. Adjust the default titles. %s will be replaced with category, tag, author or month of the archive.

Where is archive in WordPress?

Go to your WordPress admin panel and add a new page (Pages » New). You can call this page Archives, Library, or anything else that you like. Now look at the meta boxes below the publish button on the right hand side of your screen. You should see a meta box called Page Attributes.

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How do I find the title of a WordPress blog?

How to Display the Title for the Posts / Blog Page in WordPress

  1. In the WordPress Dashboard visit ‘Pages’ -> ‘Add New’
  2. Title your page; we will title it ‘Blog’ for the purposes of this tutorial.
  3. Publish the page.

How do I find the page title in WordPress?

How To Get Current Page Title In WordPress

  1. get_the_title() : to get current post/page/any post type title.
  2. single_cat_title() : to get current category title. There’re sibling functions for tags and terms as well: single_tag_title() and single_term_title()
  3. get_bloginfo() : to get the blog name.
  4. etc.

How do I find the taxonomy of a WordPress title?

Creating Taxonomy Archive Templates in WordPress Themes

For instance, you can simply create a category. php template in your theme and WordPress will then use it to display your category archive pages. Similarly, you can create a template for any custom taxonomy by naming it in the taxonomy-{taxonomy}-{term}.

Why does my WordPress page say archive?

When a post is published it’s automatically archived under the categories/tags assigned to it. Every theme will display all published posts on all dynamic categories pages exactly as you see them displayed now. Thank you! So each Category I create will show on my blog as “Archived” for that category.

How do I remove the archive title in WordPress?

In our wordpress dashboard, i went to Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Taxonomies and removed ‘Archives’ from Categories, Tags, Product Categories and Product Tags. And I cleared the cache.

How do I change the archive category in WordPress?

With our themes installed, simply navigate to the Appearance > Theme Options and then click on the General Tab to find the slider options. Once there, simply click the slider to hide or show the category archive title. It’s that simple. Make sure you save your changes so that it displays on the website as well!

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How do I remove categories from archive titles?

How to remove “Archive:”, “Category:” etc. pre-title inserts in Archive Titles

  1. Install and activate Code Snippets plugin.
  2. Go to Snippets > Add New. Title: Get rid of the “Category:”, “Tag:”, “Author:”, “Archives:” and “Other taxonomy name:” in the archive title.

How do I edit an archive?

Editing archive file

  1. Drag-and-drop operations. …
  2. Use BCArchive commands. …
  3. Run Extract All command to extract all files/folders from the archive to chosen folder on your computer. …
  4. Editing files stored inside the archive. …
  5. You can add file or group of files/folders to the archive file in My Computer window.