Quick Answer: How do product tags work on WooCommerce?

So to create product tags in WooCommerce, fill out the fields for Name, Slug, and Description. Then click the Add New Product Tag button and your job is done. WooCommerce users can also add product tags directly at the time of product creation via the Add product page.

What do product tags do WooCommerce?

Though often overlooked, WooCommerce product tags offer a small, yet necessary, opportunity for your store to optimize for online searches. With a few mindful adjustments to your language and links, tags can both boost your rankings and give you a competitive edge.

How do I show product tags in WooCommerce?

The tag option lets you display products based on their tags. Use the tag slug or the ID – you can find this in WordPress within the Products > Tags section. As with categories, you can use one tag or several tags, and you can use commas or a plus sign to control the logic.

What are products tags?

Product tags are keywords for product identification. They are used to sort the products by a certain feature and to enable a specific, narrow product search. For example, if you sell apparel, and you want to create tags for T-shirts, it can be “t-shirt”, “cotton”, “polo”, etc.

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How many tags should a product have?

If you have only a few products, then you might not need a product tag strategy. However, if you have a large number of products and want to use tags effectively with your products and collections, then you need to have a common tag format that you can use consistently. You can apply up to 250 tags to each product.

What are product tags in eCommerce?

Product Tagging for eCommerce: The Basics

Product tagging is the process of adding data to your products, including creating, assigning, and managing labels (or “tags”) for each product to describe, categorize, and structure its position within your inventory.

How do I use SEO for WooCommerce products?

Here are 10 WooCommerce SEO tips to get you climbing in those search results.

  1. Always Include a Product Description. …
  2. Optimize Page Titles. …
  3. Enable Breadcrumbs. …
  4. Make Site Navigation Simple. …
  5. Keep URLs Short and Descriptive. …
  6. Write Your Own Meta Descriptions. …
  7. Add Alt Text to Images. …
  8. Avoid and Consolidate Duplicate Content.

Is WooCommerce a product category page?

Check If Current Page is a Product Category

is_product_category() – returns true on every product category archive page, is_product_category( $category ) – you can check if you are on a certain product category page just by passing an ID, slug or title of a category as an argument.

How do I get product category in WooCommerce?

How do I find a product category ID in WooCommerce? To find the WooCommerce product category ID, you need to go WooCommerce Dashboard → Products → Categories → hover over a [category name] → click [category name] or click Edit when it appears → find the URL. For example: tag_ID=16 where 16 is the ID of the category.

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What is a product tag in WordPress?

Product tags are another way to relate products to each other, next to product categories. Contrary to categories, there is no hierarchy in tags; so there are no “subtags.”

How do I add a product tag in WordPress?

You can use product tags to make it easier for your visitors to find the exact products they’re looking for. To add new tags, simply go to Products » Tags and enter the name of your tag, the slug, the description, and then click the ‘Add new tag’ button.

How do you write product tags?

If two Products share the same Size and Colour Type, Leaflets and Flyers for example. Product tags must be used to display them correctly online.

Product Tag Order:

  1. Product Type (Flyers);
  2. Substrate (Card);
  3. Substrate Weight (Medium weight card);
  4. Product Style (280gsm Gloss).

What does a product tag look like?

Product tags are forms of branding which often include a logo, business name and form of contact information such as a website, phone number or store address. … Clothing often has hang tangs, which are tags attached to the garment that hang off by a piece of plastic.

What is product tag equal to?

Tip. This example shows one way to create a collection that contains all the products that are also in other collections. … Product tag is equal to hat. Product tag is equal to belt.