Can you integrate redbubble with WordPress?

On the shop page, click on the edit button. This will bring up the shop edit section where you go on to click on Advanced Settings » Embed Shop in Website menu. You will now see the code which you can copy to paste later on your website. Below the embed code, paste the URL of the shop page on your WordPress website.

Can I integrate Redbubble into my website?

Have your own website or blog? You can connect it to your Artist shop by copy and pasting the embedded script to your site. This will display your designs and let your audience know they can purchase it.

Can you integrate Redbubble with Shopify?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Redbubble doesn’t come with any native integrations that enable you to connect your Shopify store (or any eCommerce shop for that matter) with your Redbubble account.

How do I promote my work on Redbubble?

Here are a couple of handy ways you can spread the word about your Redbubble shop.

  1. Sharing on Social Media.
  2. Promotional Images.
  3. Link to your portfolio from your own website or blog.
  4. Posting to Facebook.
  5. Pinterest.
  6. Tags.
  7. Title and Work Description.
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How do I get more traffic on Redbubble?

5 Tips for Getting More Exposure on Redbubble

  1. Change the default color for framed prints. …
  2. Alter your designs to fit other products and even create new ones. …
  3. Make sure your design looks great on all enabled products. …
  4. Upload files that best represent your artwork. …
  5. Try different themes and test which ones do better.

Can I use Google ads for Redbubble?

Yes! You are welcome to promote your products through ad campaigns.

Does Redbubble own your art?

Does Redbubble own your art? No! Redbubble is essentially licensing your artwork to sell on products and the license is non-exclusive. On their website, they state, “You keep the copyright in any content you submit or upload to the website.

What is better than Redbubble?

10 Best Print On Demand Sites Like Redbubble, Threadless, Teefury

  • Printful. Printful is a unique print on demand company with high quality products and drop shipping. …
  • Printify. …
  • Zazzle. …
  • Redbubble. …
  • Society6. …
  • Fine Art America. …
  • Spring (Formerly Teespring) …
  • Sunfrog.

Is Redbubble good quality 2021?

Redbubble offers products with excellent and quality prints. Their third-party print providers use digital printing and other modern printing techniques to print designs on products.

Does Redbubble integration with woocommerce?

Now your Redbubble store has been embedded in your woocommerce. You can easily improve the layout by using HTML and CSS if you wish. With the Elegant Zazzle Plugin you can easily import Zazzle products into your Woocommerce site with the click of a button.

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Is it worth selling on Redbubble?

Is Redbubble Worth It? Redbubble allows artists to make money for free – as long as they are willing to upload their artwork and configure their products. Redbubble will not make you rich, but it can help you generate good money from your artwork – given enough time and effort.

Can I link Redbubble to Etsy?

It is not possible for you to link Redbubble to Etsy. Redbubble operates as an online marketplace of its own. Unlike other print on demand platforms like Printful and Printify that integrate with Etsy, Redbubble does not support integration with other eCommerce platforms.

How many designs can you have on Redbubble?

Redbubble was planned so you can exhibit and sell your best work. In view of that, you may transfer up to 60 works for every day to your Redbubble account.

Can you have two Redbubble accounts?

As an artist, you are able to have multiple accounts. Each account has to be listed under a different username and email address, however, you may use the same PayPal/bank account information to collect earnings from products you sold.