Your question: How do I disconnect my Elementor?

How do I turn off Elementor?

You can do this by going to the Elementor website. Log into the Elementor account that is connected to your WordPress website. To deactivate, choose the last option on this page: “Disconnect”. This deactivates your license and removes Elementor Pro from your website.

What happens if you deactivate Elementor?

A: If you deactivate or delete Elementor Pro, your site will be unable to display the advanced designs you created with Elementor Pro. Any designs created with the standard free version of Elementor will still work.

How do I delete my Elementor account?

Delete Account: Click the Delete My Account button if you wish to delete your entire Experts Account. Note that your Elementor account will not be deleted; only your Experts account will be deleted.

How do I cancel my Elementor Pro subscription?

Your Elementor Pro license is automatically renewed annually. If you want to cancel your auto-renewal, go to your Elementor Pro account, and click Subscriptions in the left sidebar.

How do I switch to Elementor?

Navigate to the backend dashboard of your website and hover over ‘Templates’ in the left-hand menu (it will be located just below ‘Elementor’). From the fly out menu, select “Theme Builder”, and click the “Add New” button at the top of the page. Elementor will prompt you to ask what you want to build.

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Is Elementor necessary?

Do you need Elementor Pro? If you just want to create basic styled pages, the free version of Elementor should have enough power. In fact, Elementor probably offers the most feature-rich free version of any page builder.

How do you navigate in Elementor?

To Navigate To A Different Page or Template to Edit

  1. Press CMD + E or CTRL + E to open Finder or click the Hamburger icon. to go to Elementor’s Style and Settings Configuration section.
  2. Begin typing the name of the page, post, or template that you wish to edit.