What is widget space in Elementor?

You might’ve noticed that in Elementor there are some extra spaces between widgets by default. It’s not about the paddings or margins you may have set before, this is a default space that Elementor will add automatically between widgets. By default there is a minimum 20px space between widgets in your layout.

What is the use of spacer in Elementor?

The Spacer Widget creates a block of space anywhere on your page. You can fill this block of space with a color or an image. You can use it to create cool shapes and elements as well.

How do I change the spacing between widgets in WordPress?

To reduce the space between your widgets, you will need to use custom CSS. You can add this to your css to modify the padding of the widgets. The following would remove all padding; you can increase the top and bottom padding (the 2 zeroes) until it suits you.

What is the difference between spacer and divider?

Difference between Divider and Spacer in Elementor

The Divider element allows you to add styled, horizontal line to add a divider between other elements. … On the other hand, Spacer element allows you to add spacing between elements in Elementor without adding any visual element.

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What is divider in Elementor?

The Divider Widget allows you to add styled horizontal lines that divide your content.

What are widgets in WordPress?

Widgets are pieces of content that can be added to specific areas of your site, such as the sidebar or footer. While previously limited to adding a specific list of widgets to your site via Appearance → Customize → Widgets, you may now add any block to your site’s widget areas too.

Which is a widget of Elementor Pro version?

Elementor Pro includes some vital widgets and features that are important for any professional web designer. These include Animated Headlines for impressive headline design, Posts widget for an amazing display of blog posts, WooCommerce widgets, Slides, Media Carousel and custom fonts.

How do you get rid of empty space in Elementor?

How to remove white space or keep the ROW alway on top

  1. Open your page edit with Elementor.
  2. Open the first section setting.
  3. Select the Advanced tab and set margin top is -40px or more.
  4. Save and you’re done.

How do I reduce line spacing in Elementor?

line spacing in text editor elementor

  1. cavalierlife. (@cavalierlife) Go to the Text Editor widget’s Style tab, click on Typography, and adjust the Line Height there.
  2. dbaedke. (@dbaedke) Typography > Line Height does not do the trick. …
  3. dbaedke. (@dbaedke) This in Text Editor > Advanced > custom CSS works: