How do I turn off sitemap in WordPress?

In fact it can be disabled with a single line of code: add_filter(‘wp_sitemaps_enabled’, ‘__return_false’); That’s all that’s needed to disable most of the WordPress sitemap functionality.

How do I hide sitemap XML in WordPress?

Disable Core Sitemaps with Slim SEO

I recommend Slim SEO, a free SEO plugin to do it because it’s easy-to-use and really effective. It’s available on, so you just need to install and activate it normally. Slim SEO will automate all the SEO work, including XML sitemaps, without any configuration.

How do I hide a sitemap page?

#3 Remove Content from Sitemap Using Google XML Sitemap

  1. Install and activate the Google XML Sitemap plugin. …
  2. Visit Pages or Posts.
  3. Hover the titles of the page or post you intend to remove from the site map and copy its ID.
  4. Move to Settings and click XML-Sitemap.
  5. Paste the page or post IDs in the Excluded Items box.

How do I remove a sitemap from my website?

How to remove XML sitemaps from Google Search Console

  1. Go to Google Search Console.
  2. From the left menu, select Sitemaps. …
  3. Select the sitemap you want to remove.
  4. In the upper right, select the more options icon (the icon with the three vertical dots).
  5. Select Remove sitemap.
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How do I disable Yoast sitemap?

Toggle the ‘XML Sitemaps’ switch.

To enable the feature, toggle the switch to ‘On’. To disable the feature, toggle the switch to ‘Off’.

How do I remove a sitemap XML URL?

The url for a particular content item can be excluded from the sitemap by opening the item in edit mode and then by unchecking the Include in sitemap checkbox and then publish the item.

How hide sitemap XML?

If you want to “hide” your sitemap you could have it on a URL with a “secret” name so it’s not obvious to anyone who may be looking for it, but seeing as it’s best practice to include a sitemap in a robots.

What should I exclude from sitemap?

Exclude pages that have duplicate content. For WordPress websites, good candidates are archive pages, tag pages, and author pages. Exclude pages with ‘thin content’. When it comes to optimizing a website for search engines, you don’t want to submit in their index pages that are of low quality.

How do I stop Webflow from indexing?

You can prevent Google and other search engines from indexing the subdomain by simply disabling indexing from your Project settings.

  1. Go to Project Settings → SEO → Indexing.
  2. Set Disable Subdomain Indexing to “Yes”
  3. Save the changes and publish your site.

How do I exclude a sitemap from Webflow?

To remove a specific page, add the code snippet in the <head> code of that page</head>.

  1. Go to Page panel → Page settings → Custom code.
  2. Paste the code: <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>
  3. Save and publish.
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Should you delete old sitemaps?

Over time, Google’s systems will stop trying to use that particular sitemap file. Note: removing a sitemap file doesn’t prevent crawling of the URLs that were specified in the sitemap file. A sitemap file helps us to crawl more efficiently though, which is generally why we recommend using it.

What is sitemap file?

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to crawl your site more efficiently.

How many sitemaps should I have?

Hi, Typically, every website must have at least two different types of sitemaps, XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps. The XML sitemap is essential for proper indexing, crawling of pages on your website by search engines. HTML is designed for web users and placed on the home page of the site.

Where is the sitemap in WordPress?

XML Sitemaps for Search Engines

This includes an XML sitemap, which you can access at The number of posts in your sitemap is limited to the 1,000 most recently updated posts.

How do I change my sitemap URL?

How to change the XML video sitemap URL

  1. Disable the sitemap feature. Disable all sitemaps by following the steps in this article on XML sitemaps.
  2. Add the filter in your theme’s functions. php file. See the example code below.
  3. Enable the sitemap feature. Enable all sitemaps by following the steps in this article.

What is sitemap in SEO?

What is a sitemap and what is its importance in SEO? A sitemap lists a website’s most important pages, thus, making sure search engines can find and crawl them. Sitemaps also help in understanding your website structure, making it easier to navigate your website.

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