How do I move a category up and down in WordPress?

How do I rearrange categories in WordPress?

WordPress – Arrange Categories

  1. Step (1) − Click on Posts → Category Order in WordPress. …
  2. Step (2) − In the following screen, you can see that the create categories section are not in order.
  3. Step (3) − Now, you can rearrange your categories by just dragging the categories as per your choice.

How do you reorder categories?

To reorder a category or subcategory:

  1. Click the drop-down next to the category that contains the subcategories you want to reorder.
  2. Hover over the relevant subcategory.
  3. Click the Reorder icon , then drag and drop it: Into a new position on the list to reorder the list of subcategories.

How do I change the order of categories in WooCommerce?

How to change the order of product category in WooCommerce

  1. Go to Product Categories and navigate the Catalogues tag.
  2. Click UPCP Product Catalogue.
  3. Scroll down to the UPCP Product Catalogue box.
  4. Drag and drop your categories to the new order.

How do I reorder products in WordPress?

Go to WordPress “Admin > Products > Rearrange Products” and use drag-and-drop functionality to arrange your products. Click on “Sort by Categories” tab to arrange products by Categories.

Can you change the order of blog posts on WordPress?

After activating it click into “Post Types Order” under settings and you can enable the types of posts you want the reorder interface to show up on. Then under that post type you will see a new menu called “Re-order.” You can then drag and drop the posts within according to the order you want them to appear in.

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