How do I change my OceanWP copyright?

How do I change copyright in OceanWP?

How to change your Copyright name with Ocean WP

  1. Start at the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. 1) Hover over Theme Panel. 2) Click Theme Panel.
  3. Scroll down to the Getting started section. On the Footer Bottom Option module click ‘GO TO THE OPTION’ …
  4. 1) Change the Copyright name to the name you want.

How do I uninstall OceanWP theme?

From the wp-contents folder, delete the folders that you want to delete except the themes folder. In the themes folder, delete the themes that you want to delete and only keep any of the default WordPress themes like Twenty Seventeen.

How do I remove the copyright footer in OceanWP?


  1. Go to Appearance.
  2. Then Go to Customize.
  3. Go to Theme Options> Footer. In some cases it will be in Theme Settings or Footer-Copyright.
  4. In Footer you will see Copyright. Remove and Save the theme.
  5. Then Copyright will be remove.

Can you remove WordPress theme Copyright?

Typically, you need to adjust the PHP code to remove the Copyright from a theme. After installing/creating a child theme based on the existing theme, you will need to set a new value in the footer. php file or other files (depending on the theme) to remove the copyright text from the footer PHP or change it.

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Which is better Astra or OceanWP?

Comparing Astra vs OceanWP, the two are mostly equivalent. OceanWP has fewer demo sites than Astra but has an excellent free version, while Astra keeps pushing the envelop when it comes to speed. The PRO versions are $59 and $39 for Astra and OceanWP respectively, but otherwise both themes are solid options.

Do I need Elementor with OceanWP?

Is Elementor Pro Required to Use OceanWP Theme and Ocean Extensions? No, Elementor Pro is absolutely not required in order for you to be able to use OceanWP theme and/or Ocean Extensions, be it free or pro.

How do I change my header in OceanWP?

When you have finished creating your header with your page builder, go to Customizer > Header > General, choose Custom Header in the Style option and select your template created in the step 1 in the Select Template option. That’s all! Now you can create the header you want, leave place to your imagination.

Where are OceanWP settings?

Solution: If you are using the Layouts plugin, the theme options panel will be found in the Template Layout editor screen. If you are not using Layouts, you can find the theme options panel in the Content Template editor screen.

Is OceanWP good for WooCommerce?

So if you’re looking for a WooCommerce compatible theme that has everything you need to boost your sales without compromising on speed, flexibility and support, you don’t have to look any further than OceanWP.

How do I change my OceanWP demo?

Go to Theme Panel > Install Demos tab. Click on the demo you want import, a popup will appear. In step 1, install the required plugin for the demo, in step 2, check what you want to import and import the demo.

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How do I reset my WordPress theme to default?

Export all your content (left admin menu > Tools > Export). Install WordPress Reset plugin and activate it. Then go to Tools > WordPress Reset. Then type ‘reset’ in the text field and click reset.

How do I change my WordPress demo?

Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading. Change Front page displays from Your latest posts to A static page. In the dropdown beneath this option, select the static Page to use as your Front Page. If you want to display your blog Posts somewhere, select a static Page to use to display them.